Privacy Policy

MyChipTime takes the privacy of site visitors very seriously. Following is a list of methods by which personal information of event participants and site users is collected, used, and tracked on the site.

  • Race Data

    The most personally identifiable information on MyChipTime is supplied by the athletes who compete in events (you). MyChipTime does not generate results and is not responsible for the accuracy of data on the site. Typically, athlete informtion arrives on MyChipTime through the following process:

    1. Athlete signs up for an event and gives the event organizer information (name, address, age, etc).
    2. Event organizers give this information to the timer for determining awards and results.
    3. The timer posts the results on MyChipTime.

    If you would like to not have your personally identifiable information displayed on MyChipTime we recommend that you begin at the source. See the section below on remaining private for more details.

  • Google Analytics

    MyChipTime uses Google Analytics (GA) to measure site traffic. MyChipTime uses the information provided by GA similarly to millions of sites around the web. Some examples include:

    • Providing advertisers, timers and event directors a high level view of the audience.
    • Forecast usage trends for hardware needs.
    • Determine user preferences for feature enhancements.
    • View traffic patterns to find out where visitors arrive from.
    • Lots of other non-threatening stuff.

    MyChipTime's use of GA complies with Google's Terms of Service.

  • Facebook

    MyChipTime uses the Facebook API to allow user comments and "likes" on numerous races. Facebook collects usage data and these postings can contain personal information about the users who choose to participate. See Facebook's Privacy Policy for more information.

  • Images

    Many races contract with a photographer and those images are linked to your race bib number for convenience. MyChipTime does not control the content of those automatically linked images. If there is an image linked to your bib number which is incorect, objectionable, or just out of focus please contact the photographer directly.

  • User Accounts

    MyChipTime has optional user accounts which require some personally identifiable information such as name and email address. These accounts are a convenience to users and are completely opt-in. MyChipTime does not sell or solicit via the informaiton provided through these accounts, and the information given is only used for support purposes.

How to remain private on MyChipTime:

  • Ask the event organizer to obfuscate your name and address in the database provided to the timer.
  • If the timer has already posted your information send an email to the timer requesting obfuscation (timer information is available in at the bottom of each result page).
  • If the timer hasn't complied with the obfuscation request in a timely manner email with the information to be altered. Note that changing the results directly on MyChipTime is the least reliable method as result updates from the timer may over-write the requested changes.
  • Opt out of tracking cookies like the ones used by Google Analytics.
  • Don't use the Facebook comments/like feature.

This privacy policy, like everything on the web, is subject to change without notice. Any modifications to this policy will be reflected on this page.